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Many women & men are frustrated at how hard it can seem to take control of their diet.

One minute the experts are telling us to eat less fat, the next sugar is the problem.

They tell us to make sure we’re getting enough omega 3 but then it’s the supplements that will make us sick.

People who seem to have everything in control tell you it’s just about getting a balance: “move more and eat less”, they say with a smug grin on their face.

But you and I know that there’s more to it than that

You're the bossAll you want is to regain control of your diet and get in the sort of shape that you know you’d be happy with.

It shouldn’t be that hard!

So why are we so frustrated by something that should be so straight forward?

Over the last few years I have discovered something very interesting from talking to hundreds of people who feel exactly the same as you do.

You see, in your life you have responsibilities.

You may have a job where you are measured by your performance: meeting deadlines, hitting targets, turning up on time.

Or perhaps you have kids: you have to get up in the mornings and take them to school, teach them about boundaries, and make sure they are fed and clothed.

You have ‘bosses’ and consequences and discipline

But you don’t have any of that with your diet.

There’s nothing stopping you from having a chocolate muffin with your latte.

If the urge took you there could be pie and mash for on the menu 7 nights a week

Snicker addictionAnd there’s nothing to stop you from having a glass of Rioja or 2 each night when the kids have gone to bed (is it Wine O’ Clock yet anybody?)

You have no boss when it comes to your diet

Nobody will be inconvenienced by your Snickers addiction so there are no external consequences to reign you in.

You want to sit your arse on the couch every evening instead of hitting the gym that’s your call.

Nobody is making you do anything

You don’t have to be disciplined.

…and that my friend is the Big Reason why living the healthy, energetic lifestyle you feel you ought to live is HARD BLOODY WORK.

You get into a rut and there’s no reason to pull yourself out of it.

You’ll have your own reasons for being here

Perhaps you’re looking for the magic bullet or a quick fix solution to all your problems.

Just do this simple thing and all your problems will be over.

Well let me ask you this:

How has that worked out for you in the past?

Jumping from one diet to the next, getting a few pounds off but then seeing them creep back on again as soon as you go back to ‘normal’ isn’t any fun.

And how do you feel each time you find yourself back at square one?

Probably a little bit worse than the last time you were there.

So what’s the real problem then
  • Maybe it’s more information that you need: you don’t have the tools you need to finally nail your diet down to something that’s going to work for you.
  • Or perhaps you haven’t figured out a big enough reason for wanting to change yet.
  • You don’t have the right resources or the right people to support you.
  • You’re too busy at work right now to stick to anything, or you’ve got a couple of big parties coming up that you can’t get out of.

Deep down you KNOW there’s never going to be a perfect time to take control but you just don’t know where to start.

Maybe you just need a Kick Start

Kick up the bumFor over 2 years now I’ve run a online Kick Start programs.

We’ve helped hundreds of people take control and learn precisely what they need to do in order to achieve balance in their lives.

On Thursday June 5 I’m launching the next Kick Start 2.0, and have a limited number of places available.

“How is this any different to going on ‘extreme diets’?”

Well for starters the Kick Start is more about education and mindset shifts than weight loss.

You’ll no doubt lose a few pounds and inches in the 12 days, but then you’ve probably experienced that before, haven’t you?

The Kick Start is about giving you back control.

Showing you the practical and psychological strategies that mean you have a clear blueprint laid out in front of you for what you now need to do.

Sure there’ll still be times in the future when you fall off the wagon, but the difference now is that you’ll be able to give yourself a metaphorical slap round the chops and haul yourself back up there: no harm done.

These aren’t new, untested strategies.

They’re refined versions of what has been proven to work on the old Kick Start program for over 2 years.

But I want you to help me test out the new formula

In the 12 days that we’ll spend together you will:

  • Learn multiple strategies, so that by the end you have a complete blueprint of what is going to work for YOU
  • Be surrounded by other people on exactly the same journey, with buckets of motivation and camaraderie at the click of a mouse
  • Have my expertise ‘on tap’ via our dedicated online private coaching group
  • Learn how to put together meal plans that won’t cause complaints from the rest of the family
  • Understand how to read food labels and decipher the marketing patter on ‘faux health’ products
  • Have 2 live and interactive webinars with me personally (and have access to the recordings)
  • Receive a copy of my Clean Food Concepts recipe book (worth £18) to help inspire your food choices
  • Understand how your mind switches to self-destruct mode, and what to do when this happens
  • Learn how meditation can help reset and ‘cleanse’ your mind

Kick Start 2.0

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How does it all work?

We start on the Thursday and use the first 3 or 4 days to make solid preparations.

Not just clearing out the cupboards and fridge and getting in the healthy shopping, but preparing your mindset and avoiding the ‘last supper’ mentality that so often goes with diets starting on a Monday.

There are 4 main components to the Kick Start 2.0.

1) The Interactive Facebook Group

This is where you get a heap of support as and when you need it, plus that important sense that you’re not the only one going through these changes!

Even if you don’t use / like / understand Facebook, there’s a simple way we can get you into the group so you can still benefit from this important element.

2) The Webinars

On Day 1 you’ll be invited to the first of 2 live webinars where I’ll talk to you about the key points of the nutrition program, and how to start getting yourself into the right frame of mind for the Kick Start.

After my short presentation there’s an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have, which was something members of the previous program found extremely useful (they told me it really helped them feel like they knew what they were doing and IN CONTROL!)


3) The Daily Updates

You’ll have access to a private members-only website where all the strategies, tips and information is delivered.  You just need to log in once a day and read the next day’s update, and take action on as much of it as possible.

4) The Clean Food Concepts recipe book

This sells through my website for £18 but you’ll get a complimentary copy with your registration to the Kick Start.  

You don’t have to use any of the recipes or meal planners from the downloadable book, but it gives you a good starting point if all these concepts are completely new to you.

“But you can’t create new habits in just 12 days!”


You got me there.

But two of the major reasons for changing the time span of the Kick Start is because

1) The majority of the big ‘a ha’ moments happen in the first 12 days

2) I want to empower you, not make you reliant on the group

The Kick Start 2.0 might be your perfect storm

You already know if you’re in the right place for something like this.

Whilst I’d say that the information I’ll be sharing will help MOST people, only a small number will be in the right place mentally to take the leap and jump on board.

Diet, Exercise & Supplements

The Kick Start 2.0 is primarily a nutrition and lifestyle program.

However, I am also going to be running an exercise component that is entirely optional.

If you’re already training hard and have that side of things licked (or you’re currently injured) then you don’t need to do the short workouts unless you want to.

But if you’re currently not exercising, these Micro Workouts will be a great way of getting that side of things on track at the same time.

There are a couple of supplements that I highly recommend you take, and I’ll be taking my time to explain more about these on the program.

Just as a heads up though, I recommend omega 3, magnesium, vitamin D and a greens drink such as Lean Greens.

What have other people said about this 12 day program?

The biggest mindset change was the move to thinking that I COULD rather than SHOULD. And that I had the power to do what I wanted and if things didn’t go to plan it wasn’t the end of the world. I already feel unrestricted in what choices I am making in my eating!

That’s what Susan, one of our Kick Start ‘guinea pigs’, had to say about how she felt at the end of the 12 day program.

If you ask me, that’s a pretty significant shift.

And she wasn’t the only one joining some important dots.

Penelope remarked “I now don’t feel like it’s all over if I have a ‘slip up’ and it turns out that actually I enjoy eating clean!

Katherine realised that “I’m doing it for me and for how it makes me feel. More importantly if there are times that I fall off the wagon (whether it’s by choice or circumstances) than I wipe the slate clean and get straight back on”.

All HUGE movements towards a healthier mindset.

Nobody expects you to be perfect all of the time no matter how powerful your goals are (Easter eggs, anybody?).

What’s important is how you frame it, how it makes you feel, and what you then go on to do.

Steph hit the nail on the head when she told me “it’s not as hard as you think to make a better food choice and that you don’t have to make the right choice every time. I think I often fail on diets because I feel the need to be ‘good’ 100% of the time and if I slip up I think I’ve failed and I immediately jump to a new diet

How many times has THAT happened to you!

Linzi had another great revelation when she discovered that “taking some elements out of your diet doesn’t actually restrict your diet.  If anything I have eaten many things that have now widened my food choice and i feel better for eating them!” 

The new sense of awareness for some of the members was really noticeable, as Tara discovered: “I’m so much more aware of how different foods make me feel. My mood can change dramatically after I have eaten something that I know is no good for me. Having this awareness is helping me be more in control, as I know I feel amazing when I eat clean!

Michael noticed that “this is a change in lifestyle and not just a diet. Previous diets have always felt like following someone else’s plan, whereas now I’m making all of the choices”.

Some were amazed at how simple it was, like Gill who said “I couldn’t believe how easy (and good) is was to take control”.

Many members discovered how preparation is key.  When you’re prepared you can surprise yourself, like Sarah did: The biggest mindset change was the realisation that I am in control. Preparation is key. I can easily choose to eat healthy food when friends or family are eating less healthy options. I always thought I had a sweet tooth and that was the problem with dieting but I didn’t miss cake and chocolate in the 12 days”.

And Mary-Jane, who smartly recognised that this wasn’t “a short-term programme, more as a stepping stone towards better habits. Stopping off to buy chocolate is no longer a habit, and planning meals for the week ahead and shopping accordingly is”.

The interesting thing is, that’s 10 fired up Kick Start members, all having gone through the same program, and all with a different experience.

I wonder what YOU will get out of the 12 days when the next program begins on June 5?

Only one way to find out…

Kick Start 2.0

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